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Completed  Murals

Thanks to grants from Union Pacific Foundation, Walmart Foundation, and Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, plus the generosity of Benson citizens and businesses, the following murals were completed in 2018-2021.  Many more are in the planning stages, which will be announced at a later date.

  • Post Insurance                               606 W 5th St                 Wild Horses

  • Sarge's Sidearms                           4th St.                              Buffalo Soldiers

  • Farnsworth Tile Company          Ocotillo St.                    Farming in the San Pedro Valley

  • Benson Women's Club                 269 S San Pedro          Women of the West

  • Hamilton Accounting                   168 E 4th St                   Cattle Drive

  • SSVEC Building                               285 W 5th St                 Night Time Rodeo

  • Desert Willow Realty                    143 S Quarter Horse   Desert Willow

  • R&R Pizza                                          161 S Huachuca St       Mormon Battle of the Bulls

  • Sarge's Side Arms                           300 E 4th St                  Buffalo Soldiers Escorting Stage to Fort Huachuca

  • Farnsworth Tile & Carpet            648 N Ocotillo Rd        Farming in San Pedro Valley

  • Benson Women's Club                  269 S San Pedro St      Women of the West

  • Oakley's Garage                                203 W 4th St                  Benson Bob Cats

  • VFW Eagles Club (inside)             233 E 5th St                    Eagles Representing the Five Military Branches

  • Native Grounds Coffee Shop        303 W 4th St                  Native Grounds American Indian

  • Horseshoe Horses (above door) 119 E 4th St                     Horses

  • Frontier Fitness - In Progress      496 N Ocoillo Ave        Honoring our Military & First Responders               

Future  Murals



As Benson Clean & Beautiful begins to gain a reputation for the quality of the murals gracing the buildings of Benson, more businesses are stepping forward to offer their building space for a mural. We at Benson Clean & Beautiful are happy to try and accommodate them. If you are interested please contact us through our contact page.

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