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Promotional Video for Apache Park Grant

A look at the amazing murals in Benson

Recently spotted at the Tucson.Com website a full page dedicated to the Murals of Benson with Benson Clean & Beautiful given pride of place. Word is getting out about the "goings-on" in Benson and our ever increasing murals popping up on buildings around town. It took a lot of hard work and several murals to get started, but we are doing our best to help make Benson a tourist stop for those along I-10 or on their way to Tombstone and other areas of Cochise county. If this keeps up we will have to add a second page.

Locals Paint the Town

Guy Atchley from KGUN 9 of Tucson ran this report about our murals in Benson and the positive impacts they have for our community.

Watch the video on the right to see what KGUN9 had to say about the on going efforts of Benson Beautification to improve the City.

Besides murals Benson Beautification, Inc. is taking on other projects to improve the City of Benson for its residents. 

This promotional video was made to elicit grant funds to improve Apache Park next to city hall.


Lion's Park, our main park, has gotten all the attention. Apache Park is in need of some TLC. 

Public Art Brightens Benson's Walls

ARIZONA HIGHWAYS magazine heard about our efforts to beautify Benson with murals. They were gracious enough to come to Benson, learn about our efforts and mention Benson Murals in their blog section.

Visit ARIZONA HIGHWAYS to see what they had to say about us. 

Visit the San Pedro News-Sun article reprinted in the Willcox Range News to see what they had to report on Benson Clean and Beautiful.

Artist Doug Quarles, a muralist who recently moved to Benson from Tucumcari, N.M.,  paints a mural of Old Benson Train Depot, representing the first phase of a mural project at the Benson Visitor Center. Quarles has been commissioned to paint murals on the walls of the center, capturing Benson's historic ties to the rail road.

Murals Capture Benson's Railroad History
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