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Our Purpose

The purpose of Benson Clean & Beautiful is to use the mural program to influence community awareness and develop community pride, thus making the city a pleasant place to live and work.

The secondary objective is to create a city that promotes tourism by giving visitors a variety of activities, and to turn Benson into a destination city, rather than just a pass-through on the way to other cities. With tourism growth, the business community will grow in the way of specialty shops and eateries, creating additional jobs and creating a more vibrant city.

Our Mission

The mission of Benson Clean & Beautiful is to encourage pride and participation of citizens in projects that beautify and enhance the physical and visual environment of our community. Benson Clean & Beautiful promotes economic and cultural growth for our city.

Our History


This organization became active in 2004 and accomplished cleanup projects throughout Benson, purchased trash containers that sit at different businesses around town and in general worked to improve the "look" of Benson. Unfortunately, the organization began to wane, and by 2007 became inactive from then until the summer of 2013.

In June 2013 the organization was revitalized with the idea of creating outdoor murals that would celebrate the history and culture of Cochise County and of Benson as a railroad town. Several popular murals were already painted on a few buildings. The most famous was on the Horseshoe Cafe, which has now been restored to its original splendor. A series of murals were painted on wall panels close to the Benson Visitor Center that are visible from 4th Street, the main thoroughfare through Benson.

During the first year of activity more than a dozen new murals were added. Since that time we have continued adding murals and the count is now more than forty-five. We have been fortunate in creating a fantastic start on a project designed to increase civic pride, greater tourist interest and better business exposure for local businesses. We are just getting started, so watch for more Benson Clean & Beautiful projects highlighting the history and culture of our town and region.

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