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Welcome to Benson Murals

Union Pacific Railroad

Please wander through our murals and learn about the city of Benson, a little of its history, and what makes it a nice place to live.

Before Benson was founded, the fording of the San Pedro River was an important stage stop for the Butterfield Overland Stage.

Established in 1880 with the arrival of the Southern Pacific Rail Road, Benson became an important Gateway to the San Pedro Valley and still holds that title to this day.

Benson Clean & Beautiful Helps

Physics For Good

Benson Clean and Beautiful received this thank you on February 7, 2019.


Allison Boley says, "We met in October when I was filming an episode for my YouTube channel Physics for Good with Benson Clean & Beautiful. I told you I would let you know when the episode went live, which just happened today! I included my lesson becoming a model train engineer towards the end."


Click on the image to view the YouTube video. 

Watch it to the end.

We at Benson Clean and Beautiful are happy that we were able to help Allison Boley with her video, but most of all that she highlights our efforts and the City of Benson. This is the kind of positive notoriety that our organization tries to leave with visitors. We look to Allison's future success as she continues with Physics for Good.

Mural Guidebooks For Sale

The Murals of Benson guide book is available for $5.00.


We are now in our 3rd printing and the copies are moving faster than we anticipated. Oh, happy days!


So if you want to take the Benson Mural Tour, be sure to get this guide book to accompany you on your trek. You will find it an invaluable bargain. 


It also makes a great gift to send to friends and family members who may live out of state. Get your copy today!


Books are available at the following locations:

  • The Medicine Shoppe, 795 W 4th St

  • Endeavor Gallery, 198 E 4th St

  • Friends of the Benson Library, 370 S Huachuca St

  • Benson Feed, 639 E 4th St

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