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36. Wild Horses
Mural Depiction

Mustangs or Wild Horses are a romantic image for those who live in the west. Mustangs tend to encompass the free-living spirit of the western frontier. These horses in our mural are samples of that expression.

Background Information

Mustangs are descendants of Spanish, or Iberian, horses that were brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. The name was derived from the Spanish word mustengo, which means "ownerless beast" or "stray horse." Many people think that mustangs are simply wild horses rather than a specific breed. These horses bred with other types of horses, including quarter horses and draft horses, to create the breed we know today.


Mural Information

Artist:  Doug Quarles

Size:     14' x 111'

Completed: Apr 2018


   Post Insurance

   Citizens of Benson

   Benson Beautification

   Art Foundation for Tucson & Southern Arizona

   Clear Coat by Sherwin Williams

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