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 23. Riverside Saloon
Riverside Saloon, Benson, AZ
Mural Depiction

Even though this commercial mural wasn’t sponsored through Benson Clean & Beautiful, the mural has an honorary position, as the Riverside Saloon has been a Benson landmark since 1940.

Background Information

Like all towns in the west, Benson has had its share of saloons. Shortly after its founding by the Southern Pacific Railroad, Benson had six saloons servicing its citizens. From watching westerns we have come to think of saloons as rowdy, noisy establishments for drinking and playing games of chance. That is true for many saloons. However, saloons were also establishments that offered fine dining and provided for community gatherings. Traveling entertainers would often find themselves working out of a saloon in a small town just as much as a theater in a large city.

Mural Information

Artist:  Doug Quarles


Completed: July 2014



Riverside Saloon

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