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San Pedro & Southwestern Railways
Mural Depiction

San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad serves regional businesses in Cochise County from connections with Union Pacific's Los Angeles – Chicago main line at Benson and Willcox, Arizona. SPSR's headquarters and Customer Service are based at Benson.

The San Pedro & Southwestern is owned by ARG Transportation Services (Arizona Railroad Group), which acquired the line in November 2003 from RailAmerica, Inc.

SPSR's chief sources of traffic are agricultural chemicals, feed grains and building products. The line's rail-to-truck trans-load facility at Benson offers customers savings from lower rail rates coupled with the convenience of truck delivery.

SPSR's oldest predecessor dates to 1888, when the Arizona and South Eastern Railroad built a 60-mile line from Benson to Bisbee, eventually becoming part of the Southern Pacific. It was successively bought by Kyle Railways in 1992, StatesRail in 1997 and RailAmerica in 2002.

The railroad is laid with heavy 112-to-132 lb. rail, accommodating today's heavier 286,000-lb. gross weight cars.

Background Information

For more information on San Pedro & Southwestern railroad visit the San Pedro & Southwestern homepage.

Mural Information

Completed: August 2016

Sponsor: San Pedro & Southwestern Rail Road

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