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25. Benson Lions Club 
Lions Club, Benson, AZ
Mural Depiction

Even though this commercial mural wasn't sponsored through Benson Beautification, Inc., the mural has an honorary position, as the Lions Club has been a part of Benson's history since 1950 and has played an active role in community events and benefits programs.

Background Information

Every locale has some kind of active club that supports the community. The Lions Club shares that with all the other clubs that have supported the people of Benson since its founding. The first club in Benson, the Knights of Pythias, was established on 12 August 1882. Many other organizations have come and gone, but continue to flourish in Benson.

Mural Information

Artist:  Doug Quarles

Size:     6' x 14'


Completed: January 2015



Lions Club

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