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Please Join and Help Us Beautify Benson


Benson Clean & Beautiful,  Inc. is an independent non-profit charity committed to the pride and participation of citizens in projects that beautify Benson. We have successfully commissioned more than 45 murals in the Benson area. Your membership will further support our efforts and be a participant at the level you choose. As part of your tax-deductible membership, you will be kept informed of future projects and opportunities to help us be even more successful in reaching our goals.

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We are sorry we cannot handle

Memberships on-line at this time.


Please print the membership form (click on the button below), print and mail it to our corporate address.


Please make your checks payable to Benson Clean and Beautiful and mail to:

Benson Clean and Beautiful

298 E 4th Street

Benson, AZ 85602


501 (C3) Non-Profit

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