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 14. Ghost Riders
Ghost Riders in the Sky mural
Mural Depiction

This mural has become a landmark mural for the city of Benson.  It was originally created by Larry Scott for then-owner Lorene Whaley in 1998.  Over the years it began fading and pealing, but the majority of consensus was that it needed to be restored to its original condition as much as possible.

Background Information

The song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" was written by Stan Jones on 5 May 1948. Originally recorded by Burl Ives on 17 February 1949. Later it was released in a 1979, on an album called Silver by Johnny Cash.

The Johnny Cash version of this song can be heard here with his baritone and haunting rendition of Ghost Riders on YouTube.  

Mural Information

Original Artist: Larry Scott, 1998

Restored by:  Doug Quarles

Size:     14' x 34'

Completed: February 2014


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