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06. Number 940-2035 Engine, c. 1930
AT & SF Engine 940 Mural
Mural Depiction

In 1903 the Atckinson, Topeka & Santa Fe (AT&SF) pioneered the 2-10-2 wheel configuration requesting that Baldwin Locomotive Works (then known as Burnham, Williams & Co.) add the last two tailing wheels to a 2-10-0 configured engine. These last two wheels were to help guide the drivers when the locomotives were operated in reverse. 

The AT&SF would eventually own 332 such locomotives with this configuration. Out of some 2,200 2-10-2s used by all U.S. railroads, only six have been preserved. No. 940 is the only one remaining that was built specifically for the AT&SF.

Background Information

An actual restored AT&SF 940 Engine, along with its caboose, can be seen at Bartlesville, OK. For those interested in trains and their history this is a must see place to visit.

Mural Information

Artist:  Doug Quarles

Size:     5' x 9'

Completed: August 2013


   City of Benson

   Arizona G & T Cooperatives

   Benson Beautification

   Benson Jr. Women

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