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31. Desert Wildlife
Desert Wildlife Mural
Mural Depiction

Southeastern Arizona has an abundance of wildlife, as depicted in this beautiful 60-foot mural. The mural depicts the diversity of wildlife that can be found in the desert. 

Background Information

Wildlife abounds in Arizona and it is easy to find if you are willing to get out and look for it. Just remember that animals, like people, don't like to be out in the heat of the day. The best time to look for wildlife is in the early morning just as the sun is beginning to break over the Dragoon mountains. Not only is it a pleasant time to be out, but the wildlife will be active as they forage for food. Quail, road runners, and red tail hawks will be stirring. Coyotes will be looking for whatever they can scavenge. Deer with their fawns or young offspring will be looking for their fresh meal around the trees, shrubs, and grasslands, while other wildlife such as javalina, coatimundi (if you are near the mountains), raccoon, and others will be out foraging in the wilds. You may even see a mountain lion. Later in the day you may possibly see a vulture floating leisurely in the air over your head looking for someone else's leftovers. And don't forget the black bear that also graces the wilds of Arizona. One other form of wildlife you may come across is the avid bird watcher out early in the morning looking for that elusive bird they are seeking. So much wildlife is out there just waiting to be discovered by you.

One word of caution. Remember the key word in wildlife is WILD! They are not tame or even friendly, so use caution when approaching any wildlife. Also, when you do come upon wildlife try to check if there are any offspring with them and be extra careful. Nothing worse than a wild, untamed animal trying to protect her young when you get between her and her offspring.

Mural Information

Artist:  Doug Quarles

Size:     13' x 60'

Completed: June 2016


     Benson Hospital

     Union Pacific Rail Road

     PEMA  Properties, LLC

     Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc.

     Sulphur  Springs Valley Cooperative

     Citizens of Benson

     Benson Beautification, Inc.

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