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33. Desert Landscape
Quiburi Mission Overlay
Mural Depiction

Front entrance of the Quiburi Mission. This mural continues our theme of wildlife in Arizona. On the left panel is an elk and on the right panel is a mule deer stag. The center posts of the arches highlight desert plants and the birds that find these convenient places to roost. The upper area over the arches highlight the diversity of plant life in the Sonoran Desert.

Background Information

Quiburi Mission continues the theme of the various animal life indigenous to Arizona. Quiburi, a nursing care facility,  joined with Benson Beautification to enhance their building and present a welcoming environment to those who would be living there. 

Mural Information

Artist:  Doug Quarles

Size:     tbd

Completed: June 2017


     Quiburi Mission

     Union Pacific Foundation

     Benson Beautification

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