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 24. 86 Cafe
Mariachi's and Dancer, 86 Cafe
Mexican Dancer, 86 Cafe
Recuerdo de Nayarit Family, 86 Cafe
Mural Depiction

Be sure and stop by the 86 Café to view the murals depicting some of the Hispanic heritage and family history of the café owners.  Even though this commercial mural wasn’t sponsored through Benson Beautification, Inc., it is given an honorary position, as it has been a Benson landmark since 1991. These are only some of the murals in the Cafe.

Background Information

Like saloons, Benson has not lacked for eating establishments. Many of the early dining establishments other than a saloon were also available after Benson became a main stopping place for the railroads. Most of these establishments advertised at many faraway rail stops bragging of their food and being across from the Benson train depot. Places to dine such as the 86 Cafe and the Horseshoe boasting murals continue this tradition just as all the other places to eat in town whether they be fast food or people-friendly places to meet friends and enjoy a meal.

Mural Information

Artist:  Doug Quarles


Completed: July 2014



86 Cafe

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